There’s something wonderful about working as part of a team. Performers are no exception to this rule. Working so very hard together, hour after hour, bonds you in the most incredible of ways. 

As representatives of your act, the impression you make on others should reflect your principles and group cohesion. The way you present yourselves makes an important impression on your audience, as well as the general public as you travel from venue to venue.

As talented Performers, you can indicate your sense of integrity and purpose by simply by visual coherence. This shows your committment to teamwork, and your valuable contribution to your acts ongoing success.

Performers workwear garments should both look professional as well as being functional and stylish.

An appropriate range of garments is also useful, depending on roles and activities required in your working day. We can cater to the diverse needs of each member of your group, and provide the professional image you need.

We can customise the following personalised clothing for Performers:​

Workwear bundles for Performers

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